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2016 Presenting Companies

AUTOPAY provides consumers with industry-best, full-spectrum automobile financing and refinancing through web and mobile enabled applications.

Voyomotive has developed a ground breaking connected car platform based around VOYO, the world’s most powerful OBD-II controller. It provides significant benefits to consumers in terms of safety, security, convenience and fuel savings.

eMotorWerks is revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging market with its JuiceNettm-enabled smart-grid EV chargers. These Amazon-bestsellers are manufactured by eMotorWerks and by major OEMs such as GE and Honda, that use eMotorWerks’ proprietary software embedded in their cars and chargers. In addition to providing a best-in-class user experience, the JuiceNet platform enables eMotorWerks to control when the chargers draw power. This helps utilities and grid operators reduce costs, ease congestion, and absorb additional renewable power. eMotorWerks is paid by grid operators for these services and shares a portion of the proceeds with the EV drivers. For fleet owners and operators, JuiceNet offers substantial operating cost savings, as well as new revenue opportunities.

The Context360 Platform is easy on developers, powerful for marketing analysts, and designed to give the C-level new perspectives on your users and overall trends on real world user behavior.

Known as the Uber of Inspections, WeGoLook is an on-demand, nationwide field services company using mobile technology and 30,000+ ‘Lookers’ (agents) who are dispatched on behalf of individuals or enterprise clients to capture onsite asset data and/or to perform custom tasks.

Migo, the search engine for on-demand personal transportation, helps consumers discover the best way to get from Point A to Point B locally, helping find the right personal transportation option (Ride Share, Taxi, Car Share, Specialty Service). With Migo customers can search by cost, proximity, and promotions while helping brands (new and old) find customers, tell their story and stand out in the crowd.

The CloudEngage platform allows content on your existing website to automatically shift based on precise triggers including location, weather, prior engagement, demographics, and more.

Provides technology, consulting and data to optimize the processes associated with the pricing, marketing and selling of automotive

Drive Motors builds ecommerce experiences for auto dealerships to sell directly through their websites, providing them with a “buy online” button. Consumers simply click on it, and a checkout-flow pops up — similar to buying items on Amazon. Our offering enables consumers to purchase a vehicle directly from the dealer’s website, as well as upsell themselves on financing, extended service plans, and other vehicle

T2 Modus, LLC is a new company with a revolutionary solution for managing human capital in automotive dealerships. Our Transactional Triage™ approach (T2) optimizes your people, processes & activities in an uniquely systematic, urgent & intelligent way during every guest encounter, from every lead-source, raising productivity, revenue & staff potential to new

CarLabs is a Los Angeles-based startup that is enabling car shopping on messaging platforms. CarLabs wants to replace the myriad touch points between car owners and automotive businesses with a single, frictionless and trusted touchpoint that is available anytime,

Founded in 2008 by long-time Microsoft veterans Adam Sheppard and William Lai, 8ninths is a 14-person, Seattle-based, Mixed and Virtual Reality studio that provides platform solutions and services for industries across all verticals. “8/9” of an iceberg is hidden below the water and the iceberg is a metaphor for what we do in the world of technology. We explore non-obvious, new, and emerging technologies. Partnering with large enterprise customers, we utilize new technologies to meet business objectives in the most innovative and competitive way. We believe that Mixed and Virtual Reality is the next huge wave in

Drivemode is an early stage startup founded by experienced leaders from Tesla and Zipcar, with the vision of delivering an enhanced connected car experience to everyone in the world while solving one of the biggest problems on the road today – distracted driving. Drivemode has quickly become the largest driving app on the market, and we’ve been working with industry leaders (e.g. Honda, Panasonic, and numerous driving apps and hardware startups) to revolutionize the way technology is used in

SHIFTMobility brings your ideas to life on a connected global network accessible over any smart device. From service telematics to our nationwide service network, our technology not only enhances and simplifies communication between organizations, partners, and their customers, but meets the challenges of the connected future and enables businesses to thrive in a era of fast

Rational Robotics makes robots to automate tasks in light industrial environments. We specialize in using computer vision to automate robots that are able to deliver accurate and efficient painting applications. Our first product is a robot that paints parts automatically for collision repair shops. The collision industry amasses a size of over $41 Billion and there are well over 116,000 auto body shops in the United States alone. Auto body repair is an extremely laborious process: painting accounts for about 50% of the labor – we aim to offset some of that labor through automation. We also have traction in light industrial painting and surface finishing in the oil and gas industry. With many oil-field services companies, there is a need for the automated application of coatings to various pieces of equipment. Examples of such equipment include mud tanks, storage tanks, and bins. Since tolerances are lower and the profit is significantly greater in industrial painting, we have chosen to refine our technology by also pursuing industrial

Momentum is the first company to automatically charge a fully autonomous EV and is now testing dynamic charging for moving vehicles. Momentum Dynamics is commercializing advanced wireless charging technology for electric vehicles. The company offers powerful resonant magnetic induction systems that operate at up to 250 kilowatts to charge any type of electric vehicle with the same efficiency as plug-in chargers. In the same way that Electronic Toll Collection is making toll booths obsolete, Momentum’s EV-enabling technology provides a solution that promises to transform electric fueling into an unnoticed background

The Hottest New Start-ups and the Top Industry Investors In One Room

The automotive industries leading investors will be at the 2016 AutoVentures Conference. 20 companies will take the stage to present to investors representing leading dealer groups, large industry vendors and equity firms all at once. Attendees will have individual access to investors, private equity firms, major acquires and dealers looking for innovative solutions. This is where real deals happen.

Leading Investors

AutoVentures brings together companies that have helped companies like yours grow through their investment, guidance and influence.

Dedicated Presentation Time

If you are selected, you will take center stage in front of an audience full of industry investors to present you plans and products.

Meetings On-Site

Meet with investors on site. During your presentation investors will request to meet with you for further information

Network With Industry Leaders

Get connected to investors, dealers, vendors and other growing companies at this exclusive event.

Interested in presenting? If you are already selling software and services in the automotive vertical and are looking for an opportunity to present, please contact Amy Charity.
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The Hub of Automotive Innovation

Join us at the Bellagio, Las Vegas on October 25. Industry investors, vendors, dealers and growing companies will come together to invest in the future of the auto industry. With presentations from the fastest moving companies in the industry and the most influential automotive investors.

AutoVentures will be held in coordination with DrivingSales Executive Summit on the conference’s closing day. DSES brings together the most progressive dealership professionals in North America. Combination tickets are available to qualified attendees of AutoVentures.